• Carbon Footprint Reduction:

CONSTRUCTION: The most sustainable building volume is the unbuilt one. Reducing height of the building helps reduce the volume of the building builot for the same floor space by 20%, with consequent savings in construction and operating costs of the asset.

ASSET OPERATION: By reducing the height of the facade surface, the energy losses are minimized and therefore the consumption of energy, cutting down its impact on the carbon footprint by 20% too.

  • The energy losses in the building are reduced by 10-20 per cent, proportionally to the reduction of enclosures

  • Services registrability is improved as no building works are requiered to clean ducts in the case of need. The usual actibity of the building does not need to be stopped either, which allows to enhance the effective occupancy rate of the renters.Plenum distribution is possible, improving energy efficiency in the ventilation system by using the thermal inertia of the whole mass of concrete comprised by the slab.
  • The weight of the waffle slab itself is reduced as well as the consumption of concrete, improving structure behauviour