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HOLEDECK is the structure of the future today. Designed as a more sustainable lightweight slab, by reducing considerably the consumption of concrete, HOLEDECK's unique world patents allow the realization of structures with matrix-perforated ribs for installations.

This unique quality makes a HOLEDECK structure as versatile as a motherboard, that accommodates different configurations of facilities. Commited with the future, HOLEDECK offers developers, designers and builders examples of PLUGDECK solutions, adapted according to use and type of the mould, in BIM (Building Information Modeling) format (Building Information Modelling).

You will find an example of HOLEDECK Ho45 slab with electricity, data, air conditioning and ventilation for office, and a Ho30 slab model with the necessary installations for a multi-family building where you will be able to appreciate the potential of our solutions.

We provide the families and projects of HOLEDECK for Revit in the following section DOWNLOAD.

You can browse the HOLEDECK model with the facilities of an integrated single-family home below:


HOLEDECK provides the entire file in the following section: DOWNLOAD.

  • HOLEDECK + Air conditioning by ducts with diffusers.


  • HOLEDECK + Partial air conditioning ducts and plenum diffusers .


  • HOLEDECK + Climatización con conductos principales descolgados.


Welcome. From HOLEDECK we are convinced of the structure’s relevance in sustainability. We believe that future structures should have the smallest direct and indirect impact on the carbon footprint, should be flexible, and allow for versatility which translates in greater possibilities of configuration and uses, which can contribute actively and/or passively in the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB). That is our commitment.

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24 of April, 2017

On the 23 of March, HOLEDECK participated with Florentino Regalado Engineers, Julio Touza Arquitectos, Estudio Lamela, Julio Touza Arquitectos and Estudio Seguí, among others, and exposed the main features of the system, generating wide acceptance and curiosity by those present.

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