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24 of April, 2017

HOLEDECK participates in the conference "Edificación en altura" alongside some of the most important architectural and engineering firms in our country.


On October 23 of March, HOLEDECK participated with Florentino Regalado Engineers, Julio Touza Arquitectos, Estudio Lamela, Julio Touza Arquitectos and Estudio Seguí, among others, and exposed the main features of the system, generating wide acceptance and curiosity by those present.

At the conference it was discussed why we build high-rise buildings, as well as the techniques, processes, structural types and other features of these types of buildings, where HOLEDECK focused on sustainability, building properties and the integration of facilities in the structure.

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27 February, 2017

HOLEDECK, the system that integrates structure and facilities.

HOLEDECK takes a step further in R&D and presents a system to optimize the integration of structures and facilities.

With PLUGDECK, Holedeck presents a system for integrating facilities efficiently. In addition, it allows the arrangement of conventional installations .

HOLEDECK, the most optimized, profitable and sustainable, thanks to its optimized geometry, concrete structure, can accommodate any installation within in an orderly, clean and healthy manner, avoiding unnecessary loss of volume, and representing a potential increase in the buildability, gaining over traditional construction, one floor for every five built. This technology has positive implications for sustainability as it represents savings of materials used in construction, significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

Since PLUGDECK is integrated into the hollow section of the slab, it allows the installation of suspended ceilings attached to the structure, or even more interesting, facilitites can be kept at sight, resulting in greater ease of maintenance and creating healthier workspaces, where false ceilings disappear and therefore there is no accumulation of dust and allergens.

PLUGDECK is a distribution system of facilities which maximizes their optimal use. Each element is designed to provide efficient and flexible spaces, thanks to its optimization with the HOLEDECK system. In addition to Plugdeck, the designer can choose other conventional installations systems to suit the customer needs. Holedeck is compatible with most modular systems installations ceilings of 60 cm.

This integration is based on the practice applied in other industrial sectors, such as aerospace engineering or marine engineering. In both cases, structure and facilities have been simplified and integrated, being imperceptible to the user and eliminating waste while still being fully functional. The integration of HOLEDECK – PLUGDECK, meets the premises of "LEAN Construction" which can not only adjust time and costs, but avoid unnecessary consumption of materials in both the structure and the layout of the facility.

This flexibility makes much easier the reconfiguration of facilities, which is a common practice in workspaces, minimizing the necessary actions, working time and therefore not resulting intrusive for users of these spaces.

All this promotes considerable economic savings in highest cost phase of a building, that is to say, during his lifetime, making its maintenance much easier .

In summary, HOLEDECK integrates with PLUGDECK, to provide the most efficient , sustainable and simple technological solution system of design and installation.

Concrete volume savings, ease of execution, registrability and adaptability of facilities, along with impeccable aesthetics, make of HOLEDECK the best structural solution for any project with a high degree of services.



29 March, 2016

LafargeHolcim and HOLEDECK sign an alliance to offer a new integral solution for tall building construction

Acuerdo LafargeHolcim - Holedeck

Alberto Alarcón, CEO of Holedeck, and Manuel Barrero, Marketing Director, Assistance and Quality LafargeHolcim, at the agreement signature

Both companies have signed an agreement of collaboration to enhance the joint use of their solutions, with important advantages for customers

Holedeck structural system, in combination with LafargeHolcim´s high early strength concrete , Chronolia, allow the reduction of construction time and costs..

The integrated use of these solutions will optimize and accelerate the process of tall building construction, and reduce the use of resources and costs.

According to Manuel Barrero, Marketing Director, Assistance and Quality LafargeHolcim: “We have signed this agreement to get one step further in our customer vocation. We need partners to work with so as to provide full package solutions. With this agreement, we are not just delivering an innovative solution, but also setting a support network of architects and high value-added service”.

In addition, Pablo Cruz, Technical Director of Holedeck, adds: “The compatibility of our solutions is a key element. The features of Chronolia, especially the speed of curing and execution, combined with the technical features of our reticular system, allow a faster speed of construction, and this is vital regarding high rise buildings.”.

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