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How much does Holedeck system cost?? How much does a mold Holedeck?

Holedeck is a lightweight slab system formed by reusable molds which may mean considerable savings in the construction of your project.

The cost per sq meter of our system will vary depending on a wide range of variables, To be able to provide an accurate price for your project, our Tehc. Dept. will carry on a preliminar feasibility study.

This way, the use of Holedeck and the advantages it can provide will be optimised. Contact us at info@holedeck.com or use our contact form ACCOUNTCTO.

How I can purchase Holedeck Molds in my country ? Is there a local distributor I can contact?

Holedeck Molds are manufactured in Europe and shipped in containers worldwide. It is a very simple and standarised process which currently allow us to distribute our system internationally , even though there may not exist a loca distributor in your specific country. It is important to remark the fact that Holedeck molds are recoverable and reusable, For this reason, it is possible to construct large scale buildings using a relatively small amount of molds.

I have a project in which Holedeck could be a solution, How I can solve specific doubts about ir?

Our Technical Department will prepare a preliminary feasibility study upon receiption of your project plans in DWG format. Contact is at info@holedeck.com or use our contact form CONTACT.

What are Holedeck Molds made of? How many times can they be reused?

Holedeck Molds are made of high resistance polypropylene. They can be reused for an average period of 2 years if treated properly. Once their life cycle is ended, they can be fully recycled.

What is the difference between a Holedeck Representative and a Holedeck Distributor ?

Holedeck is constantly expanding its network of representatives and distributors:

Do not hesitate to contact us to get to know the details if you are interested in becoming our DISTRIBUTOR or REPRESENTATIVE

Can any Structural Engineer calculate Holedeck Structures?

Holedeck is basically a reticular slab, so its calculation can be assimilated to them.

Anyway, Holedeck is in charge of training and certifying an international network of worldwide network of structural engineers able to calculate Holedeck system . Specific training materials for engineers are available online, and manual calculation to its section diposición DOWNLOAD.

Can my construction company build a structure with Holedeck system?

Thanks to the use of conventional concrete, conventional steel and non-specialized man-labour , Holedeck can be executed by any construction company in the world used to build good quality concrete structures.

In addition , Holedeck offers training courses specifically for technicians of the construction company.

Is HOLEDECK a prefab or a cast in place system?

Holedeck provides its molds and Technical assistance at all stages .

Is HOLEDECK compatible with formwork mecano systems, or does it need a continuous table formwork system?

Holedeck molds is compatible with both forwork systems, both formwork systems through mechano as continuous systems tablada,es.