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holedeck slab lattice concreteThe mission of the company is the development and market introduction of innovative products and solutions for efficient and sustainable architecture, It is its pioneering project development and product marketing Holedeck.

Thanks to the experience gained with the use of the initial product Holedeck Ho 45, configuring bidirectional forged with holes that allow passage facilities while forging lighten saving concrete, they have developed different systems, so that significantly expands the possibilities of use.

Powered patented worldwide, the company is committed to the development of industrial solutions modular adaptable to all kinds of design needs. Reducing costs and process times construction, as easy installation equipment for services, Holedeck asegura adaptabilidad a las condiciones y necesidades de uso según sea el caso, and maintains an efficient and sustainable operation, and to, long Lifecycle buildings.

In this way, in the products Holedeck sustainability se logra gracias a la capacidad de hacer more with less, saving in all cycles of life of the building process:


Holedeck slab systems offer different thicknesses and configuration options to suit your architectural design and configuration of its facilities:



Bidirectional (80×80)

The first product that was used and marketed, specially designed for half lights (8-12 m) with flexibility pillars distribution plant. Deletes entire items of construction elements, as false ceilings and raised floors, y disminuye la necesidad de emplear elementos auxiliares en la fijación de instalaciones. Besides all the advantages over their structural behavior and as distributor facilities, The resulting spongy surface presents excellent acoustic values ​​regarding reverberation and sound absorption.


Solution by recoverable coffered slab 45 cms singing, a minimum width varying nerve 15 cms.


  • DIMENSIONS Ho,es 45


Bidirectional (80×80):

Solution designed especially for residential buildings, with lesser lights among 5.5 and 8.5m. To accommodate the needs of residential programs, They have lower edge. The perforations are specially designed for the introduction of semi-flexible ducts heat recovery ventilation to be fully registrable, in the line of encourage the construction of buildings of Consumption Almost Invalid, nZEB, also previenen el Síndrome del Edificio Enfermo and easy maintenance.


Solution by recoverable coffered slab 30 cms singing, a minimum width varying nerve 15 cms.


  • DIMENSIONS Ho,es 30


Sistema pensado para su empleo como forjado bidireccional con further reducing the volume of concrete, as well as forged unidirectional, ribbed slab. Thus, It adapts to higher performance in terms of facilities to step.

Thanks to its modular assembly process and formed by pieces of flexible structural system, high rise buildings can achieve diferentes dimensiones y configuraciones.


structural configurations wrought:






In the search for sustainable and flexible structures that meet the structural requirements, energy and aesthetic users, Holedeck can also develop solutions with requirements and morphologies special. Among the characteristics protected by world patent of available, enconfrado with hollow molds and custom shapes are developed.

These systems are accompanied by the same conditions advice as to start work, maintenance, calculation and analysis of structures.