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Holedeck Products


The company's mission is to develop and introduce in the market innovative products and solutions for efficient and sustainable architecture, being pioneers in the development and marketing of Holedeck.

Thanks to the experience gained with the initial product Holedeck Ho 45, a bidirectional forge with holes that allows the passage of facilities and savings in concrete, resulting in a lighter forge, other systems have been developed, expanding its possibilities of use. Systematic and customized modular solutions are provided, adapted to any special requirements of large projects. If you need information on the solution that best suits your needs, use our form CONTACT.

With the products patented worldwide, the company is committed to the development of industrial solutions, particularly modular , adaptable to all kinds of design needs. Costs and construction processes times are reduced, since with Holedeck it is possible an easy installation of service equipments. It also ensures adaptability according to specific needs, and that throughout the entire lifecycle of the building, it functions in a sustainable and efficient manner.

Therefore, with Holedeck's products, sustainability is acheived as a result of doing more with less, producing savings in all the stages of the building process:

  • In the construction phase as a result of reusing the molds and concrete savings;
  • In the operational phase thanks to the ease of registration and maintenance;
  • At the end of its life cycle, since the material of the molds, prolypropylene, is 100% recyclable polypropylene.



Holedeck slab systems offer different thicknesses and configuration options to suit specific architectural design and the configuration of its facilities:



Bidirectional (80×80)

The first product that was used and promoted, specially designed for half spans (8-12 m) with flexibility in terms of pillar distribution . It allows the elimination of construction element items, such as as false ceilings and raised floors, and it reduces the need of auxiliary elements necesary to fix facilities. Besides all the advantages in terms of structural behavior and distribution of facilities, the spongy surface also provides excellent acoustic values ​​regarding reverberation and sound absorption.

Voided slab solution with 45 cms edges, and a minimum varying width of rib of 15 cms.




Bidirectional (80×80):

Solution especially designed for residential buildings, with spans between 5.5 and 8.5m. To adapt with the needs of residential programs, they have lower edge. The perforations are specially designed for the introduction of semi-flexible ducts of the heat recovery ventilation system, which will be fully registrable, in order to encourage the construction of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings, nZEB, and also, prevent the Sick Building Syndrome and allow for an easy maintenance.

Voided slab solution with 30 cms edges, and a minimum varying width of rib of 15 cms.




HOLEDECK develops the newer solution Ho-ONE, able to compete with steel in lightness and execution speed.

Choice of the most efficient structural scheme. The beams are separated between 2 y 3m, which is the light that can be covered with the minimum slab necessary to meet the fire requirements..

The post-tensioning allows even more slender solutions. In the HOLEDECK-ONE system, (Ho-ONE), maximum material and edge optimization can be achieved by combining the advantages of the unidirectional scheme, the post-tensioning and the HOLEDECK system..

It generates a reduction of execution time by industrial formwork solution for the resolution of the beams singing and time optimization through the use of formwork tables.


Ho-ONE Facilities













Ho-ONE Post-tensioning


Thanks to its modular assembly process, formed by pieces of flexible structural system, , high rise buildings can achieve different dimensions and configurations.





In the search of sustainable, optimal and flexible structures that meet the user's needs, in terms of energy and aesthetic, Holedeck develops solutions with requirements and morphologies adapted to specific projects.

Among the characteristics protected by the company's world patent , differet variations to the existing products can be introduced, according to the following parameters:

These systems are subject to the same conditions of consultancy as to instalation, maintenance, calculation and analysis of structures. To start designing your custom forged or disclose information about the procerus filling form CONTACT.