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Even though the Holedeck system uses conventional concrete, it acheives a reduction in volume of concrete, steel consumption and time of execution. Therefore, since the consumption of concrete is reduced, there is also a reduction in the overall weight of the structure.


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Total built volume

Approximately a reduction of 20% of the total built volume. It is possible to gain an entire floor for each 5 floors, and the floor area can also significantly increase with the same volume.


Constructive elements

Holedeck is capable of savings of 10 to 20 % on facades and interior walls, and a reduction between 10 and 20 % at pillars and / or load bearing walls. In addition, budget items for false ceiling and / or technical floor can be eliminated as the instalations can be supported on the deck's ribs, eliminating the need of a holding mechanism.

Acoustic behaviour

The geometry of the slab provides the Holedeck system an excellent acoustic behavior. Thanks to the system's geometry, it is able to absorb a wide range of the sound spectrum. The reverberation time is reduced to 1/ 5 , with respect to a flat concrete slab, and it does not need additional absorbent false ceilings to meet the standard CTE DB HR.


Energy losses of the building are reduced in 10 and 20 %, proportional to the reduction of enclosure. Additionally, by taking advantage of the thermal inertia of the concrete, it is possible to acheive the behavior of a heat accumulator, reducing energy consumption and improving comfort. These properties make of Holedeck an ideal solution to reach the NZEB standard.

Holedeck is compatible with bioclimatic systems, since specific installations systems can be designed , allowing the use of the most innovative and sustainable technologies (geothermal energy by Canadian wells, solar energy, type ventilation plenum, etc.). More conventional service facilities can also be easily adapted.



The registrability of facilities is improved since extra works or momentarily paralyzing the activity in the building is not necessary, therefore, maintenance costs, which result from the reconfiguration of facilities or the interference with other activities, is reduced. Holedeck is a 100% registrable system, and by performing plenum ventilation, it allows for an easy cleaning of the ducts without requiring demolition or specific equipment, facilitating the elimination of the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).