Flexible installations through the floor


Case study: Industrial building for Ingedetec in Sant Esteve de Sesrovires (Catalonia, Spain).

With this reticular system the installations can be distributed through the slab. Thanks to the size of the perforations of the ribs, all types of tubes and trays can be distributed in the HOLEDECK bidirectional floors.

In this project, the services were designed after the structure was built and rearranged at different times.

HOLEDECK is suitable for a wide range of uses (housing, offices, industrial...). Any type of installation can be easily adapted.

It also allows reforms to be carried out very efficiently since it is not necessary to paralyze the activity of the building during the works.

This recoverable formwork system is very easy to use since the molds are light and stackable, allowing very efficient performance during the execution in any type of building.

This project has been possible thanks to our invaluable collaborators 


Bidirectional system
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