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We all know that, from 2020, the energy consumption of buildings will be nearly zero. But, How do we know how to do it?

Holedeck and Uponor have collaborated on a proposal that solves this problem in an innovative way through a new system of concrete slabs greenhouse. Additionally, It is one of the results of the research project developed by Holedeck, ACE inhibitors and Torroja Institute.

On the one hand, Holedeck forged system is the most efficient solution for an optimal use of material with respect to a slab, minimizing environmental impact while reducing building height thus gaining an extra floor.

It is adapted to accept installations and items designed specifically for standard modular ceilings, and geometries and adapt to conventional modulations.

On the other hand, Uponor offers a rack system circuit through which circulates water at different temperatures depending on the needs of comfort, allowing the heat activation of the structure, resulting in a comprehensive solution TABS.

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Conference which will be analyzed from different perspectives the integration of structures and facilities by thermal activation and compatible systems installations. It will be discussed from different perspectives such as the promotion phase, design and construction . It will be done the presentation of the research project Retos “Holedeck Active” in colaboration with Eduardo Torroja Institute and IECA

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Complex layout (image courtesy of the architectural team)


On October 6 the winning project for the "Centro Integral del Transporte de Madrid" designed by Andrés Perea Ortega, Lourdes Carretero Boltrán, Julio de la Fuente Martínez and BAC Engineering, was presented in the Tetuán’s District Board.

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