Holedeck is an innovative system that optimizes conventional implementation methods.

Innovation and development of technologies that improve current developments is critical. For Holedeck, this does not happen by complicating the design and implementation process. Our patent technology gives different options to projects, without being subject to complicated design, control and application processes.




It is normal to wonder why is it necessary to modify systems that are already known and widely used. If these changes are arbitrary or merely symbolic, they become useless. Nevertheless, when they improve the current situation, the extra effort required to understand and implement them is justified.

This is the case of the Holedeck slab, which implements variations to lightweight slabs. These innovations are not only characterized by changes in calculation and execution, but it also offers improvents in terms of materials and energy savings and versatility of structures and spaces.

Return on investment

Purchasing the moulds involves an initial investment that pays for itself in the short term as these are reusable several times. Its use implies a reduction in the amount of concrete employed and in the need of fastening systems, which permits the elimination of budget items and simplifies working processes. In addition, at the end of their lifecycle the moulds are fully recyclable, for which, by its sale, a part of the investment is recovered.

Lightened waffle slab

Its strucutral behaviour is similar to that of any waffle slab, depending on the format of the Holedeck slab. Its response to bending is the same as the rest. This is achieved by eliminating the concrete which is not subject to internal forces and moments, that is to say, not necessary.

Consulting on installation, maintenance and structure calculation

Installation procedure is similar to that of any waffle slab with recoverable formworks. The same applies with the analysis and calculation procedure of the slab, and its maintenance which should be treated like any other polypropylene mould .

Nevertheless, Holedeck understands that a new system requires assistance during the entire process. Thus, our clients will have technical experts available whenever needed.




Holedeck's systematization and modulation complies with market standards. Therefore, special auxiliary elements are required, facilitating the supply and installation.

Recoverable and stackable moulds

Our polypropylene moulds are designed to be easily stackable, and are therefore, easily transportable which economizes its transfer and subsequent storage. Concrete pouring has been studied so that the recovery and reuse of the moulds is speeded.

Confident formworks

We ensure the compatibility of our system with the leading formwork brands. Holdeck system is completely compatible with the conventional systems: formwork, shuttering and meccano.

In addition, we can work with your usual formworks provider to adjust any detail and clarify any doubts as to the behaviour and employment of both systems.


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