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What is the price of the system? How much does a HOLEDECK mold cost?

HOLEDECK is a lightened slab system using recoverable molds that means savings in the construction of your project.

The cost per square meter of our system varies depending on multiple factors, and in order to offer a price adjusted to your project, our Technical Department prepares a preliminary feasibility study.

In this way it is possible to optimize the use of HOLEDECK and obtain its advantages. Write us at

How can I purchase HOLEDECK Molds in my country? Do you have a local distributor I can contact?

HOLEDECK molds are manufactured in Europe and shipped in containers. It is a very simple process by which we currently distribute our system to any country in the world, although there is currently no local distributor. It is important to remember that, as HOLEDECK forms are retrievable, it is possible to construct large buildings using a relatively small volume of forms.

I have a project in which HOLEDECK could be a viable solution. How can I solve particular doubts about it?

Our Technical Department will prepare a preliminary feasibility study as soon as it receives the project plans in DWG format. Write to us at

What are HOLEDECK molds made of? How many times can I reuse them?

HOLEDECK molds are made of high strength polypropylene. They are reusable for a period of approximately 2 years if treated correctly. Once their useful life ends, they are fully recyclable.

What is a HOLEDECK Distributor?

The HOLEDECK Distributor has a commercial and logistics network in which to include our products. The distributor directly acquires the material and operates it under a series of quality controls and periodic audits established in order to guarantee correct use and offer training to its employees.

Feel free to contact us for details if you are interested in becoming our DISTRIBUTOR.

Can any engineering calculate a structure with HOLEDECK?

HOLEDECK is a type of waffle slab, so the calculation is very similar to these.

In any case, HOLEDECK is responsible for training and certifying a worldwide network of engineering companies capable of calculating with the HOLEDECK system. We have material for specialized online training, as well as calculation manuals at your disposal in the section Download.

Can my construction company execute a HOLEDECK structure?

As HOLEDECK uses concrete, steel and conventional labor, HOLEDECK can be executed by any construction company in the world capable of executing quality concrete structures.

Moreover, HOLEDECK has courses for the training of construction company technicians.

Is HOLEDECK a precast or in-situ slab system?

HOLEDECK supplies molds and technical assistance to manufacture lightweight structures on-site. However, it can also be adapted for the construction of precast structures.

Is HOLEDECK compatible with mechanical formwork systems, or does it require continuous planking?

The HOLEDECK mold system is compatible with both mechanical formwork systems and continuous planking systems.

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