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“HOLEDECK is the most sustainable concrete structure in the world”

The CEO at HOLEDECK, Alberto Alarcón, was interviewed in order to explain the HOLEDECK system and its advantages.

On October 19 , 2017, Alberto Alarcón, CEO at HOLEDECK, was interviewed in their Madrid office.

HOLEDECK designs a formwork system with recoverable and recyclable polypropylene moulds. The philosophy behind the brand is to do more with less, as the design of the product not only achieves savings in the consumption of concrete and steel, but it also allows for the building’s facilities and services to be embedded within the structure.

As stated by Alarcón, the greatest challenge for sustainability is “not developing systems that are too sophisticated, that require disruptive technologies….instead it focuses on what must be on a building, such as the structure, and make it more efficient, versatile, tackling many problems at once."

When compared to other concrete structures, HOLEDECK is "spongier" and lighter, where the space available in the structure is used to place the building’s facilities and services, which consequently leads to a reduction of the height per floor and of necessary constructive elements, such as false ceilings and façades.

“Currently, the structure supposes 40% of the total CO2 emissions of a building. This means that if we are capable of doing them more efficiently and with less materials, at the end of the day we will be reducing dramatically the global impact of a building", confirms Alarcón.

Among other products the company offers is PLUGDECK, , which will represent those conventional facilities that can be used in order to obtain the maximum performance with HOLEDECK. Alarcón describes that “PLUGDECK are facilities that can be moved simply with a screwdriver, PLUGDECK are solutions with minimum consumption, PLUGDECK are versatile facilities that can be easily updated through time.”

Therefore, HOLEDECK has focused on innovating upon that which must be on a building, achieving what is probably the most sustainable concrete structure in the world.

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