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HOLEDECK, the internationalization of the sustainable structure.

Welcome. From HOLEDECK we are convinced of the structure’s relevance in sustainability. We believe that future structures should have the smallest direct and indirect impact on the carbon footprint, should be flexible, and allow for versatility which translates in greater possibilities of configuration and uses, which can contribute actively and/or passively in the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB). That is our commitment.

After years of investigation, development of new constructive systems and having successfully implemented our solutions, HOLEDECK faces the important challenge of consolidating an international distribution network which would allow renting our products. We currently have over 30 international patents which, probably, convert us in the only company worldwide capable of producing reusable and recyclable moulds for the construction of lighten concrete structures with perforated ribs to allow for the passage of services.

Currently, from our main offices in Madrid and from our fabrication center in Alicante, we offer commercial service, technical advice and we ship our moulds all over the world. We have analyzed and searched for ways of implementing economic, constructive, functional and environmental advantages through our products in over 40 countries.

The perspective and global knowledge acquired have encouraged us to take the strategic decision of increasing our presence in key countries in order to offer the rental service of our moulds to more clients.

International expansion. Strategic Alliances Policy.

HOLEDECK has presence and subsidiaries in Spain, Paraguay and the US. , and we hope in expanding our commercialization network in the near future.

With the aim of offering HOLEDECK’s advantages to the greatest number of clients, we are analyzing distribution alliances with known companies in the construction and formwork sector in countries like Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Iran.

We invite to all of those who want to create synergies to materialize the future of structures today. For more information, contact us at info@holedeck.com or on the following link CONTACT.

Welcome and thank you.

Ignacio Martín Enríquez