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HOLEDECK launches de Ho30 slab, ideal for houses with NZEB heat recuperators and spans of less than 8 m 8 m.

Since 2012 HOLEDECK lanzó el revolucionario sistema Ho 45 (45 cm. depth + cc), the clients demanded a version with less thickness for its implementation in housing and tertiary industry. After a development phase, HOLEDECK anuncia la salida al mercado del nuevo sistema de menor canto Ho30 (45cm. depth + cc.), designed for spans less than 8 m.

The new slab is ideal for the construction of houses where heat recuperators and its ducts network, of mandatory use with the CTE DBHE, Passivhaus and NZEB standards, are installed. Semiflexible ducts can be distributed through the slab’s perforations without fastening elements, which means that the spaces are easily reconfigurable in case of distribution changes in the building. All the services and facilities are accessible from the roof, without the need of costly investments , or affecting the building’s daily activities. It is also ideal for any project with spans of less than 8 m, able to develop parking spaces in the most effective way.


Soon the models in BIM, which will include the 3D design of the services, will be available to the public.

The new system maintains the same advantages as the Ho45 slab, such as: reduction in steel, concrete, self weight and height, the elimination of false ceilings, acústica etc… Las características de puesta en obra de HOLEDECK Ho30 son similares al Ho45, maintaining the interaxis of 80 cm. like other waffle slabs. With less thickness, greater reductions in concrete consumption can be achieved, with 141 L/m2, per topping layer of 5 cm.

The catalogues and calculation manual are now available in the company’s website, DOWNLOADS.