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Assembly Process


The assembly process is progressive, interspersed with the laying of steel reinforcement. Once the moulds are placed, the inferior reinforcement is set, then the lateral window and finally the upper reinforcement. The assembly process is very similar to any bidirectional voided slab , being its structural calculation and steel consumption comparable to them as well. If you have any doubt about mounting, use our form CONTACT.







Holedeck moulds are compatible with the conventional formworks available in the market , both meccano and continuous table systems. Feasibility studies of Holedeck's compatibility with conventional formwork suppliers have been executed. The process is similar to any formwork system for two-directional forgings lightened with recoverable moulds.




We have also developed systems to enable shuttering cycles as short as possible. With these systems the process of placing and concreting is speeded. Such systems are particularly requested for mid- to high-rise buildings. We are compatible with leading market formwork systems, you can request more information in CONTACT.