Our mission

The 40% of the total carbon footprint comes from the building, so it is essential to develop viable technologies to reduce it: economy and ecology go hand in hand.

From a holistic approach to sustainability, Holedeck can do more with less. THAT'S WHY WE ARE SUSTAINABLE.

We are aware that the core of Holedeck is R&D, and that is why developing new product lines is a constant. We want to offer tailored solutions and new installation systems that are more efficient, economic and flexible, which at the same time significantly reduce costs .

Holedeck began as a groundbreaking structural technology that was successfuly employed at the headquarters of the innovative enterprise Logytel (to whom we want to express their support) and it seeks to become a reference of sustainable and high-perfomance architecture.

Holedeck is a world leader in sustainability and eco-efficiency in buildings.