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HOLEDECK active basic

Low consumption invisible comfort and air conditioning, the future of sustainable buildings

The system 'HOLEDECK Active' It is a thermally activated slab, which uses the thermal inertia of concrete through the incorporation of Uponor air conditioning systems for hot and cold water embedded in the compression slab to cool or heat the room.

Its main function is to cover sensitive loads in heating and cooling. Water circulates through the pipes that make up the air conditioning system which will allow the building's concrete mass to be used to store or release its thermal load. The system is out of sight and cannot be heard, which helps create a very comfortable indoor environment. It is the ideal solution for office buildings.

In addition, the combination of technology and innovation used in the 'HOLEDECK Active' slabs gives the system unparalleled features in terms of energy saving and sustainability. That is why it is the best thermally activated forging solution.

Advantages of the system
Increased energy performance

The accumulation of energy is done during off-peak hours, when the cost of energy is lower. The accumulation of heat is done constantly, without peaks and, therefore, the size and power of the air conditioning equipment is reduced, thus reducing energy consumption.

Low installation costs

Save 30% to 50% by using smaller cooling and heating units.

Maintenance improvement

It offers high registrability of the facilities, since it is not necessary any type of work or stoppage in the activity to be able to reconfigure them. In addition, it reduces maintenance costs and interference with other activities.

It is ideal with renewable energy sources, with savings of up to 90%.

Greater thermal comfort

HOLEDECK Active provides greater thermal comfort through the circulation of hot and cold water, and offers a more pleasant homogeneous temperature than the air currents from other air conditioning systems.

Lower energy consumption

Due to the small thermal differentials necessary to activate the slab (between 19 and 35º), the system is fully compatible with passive energy sources such as thermal solar panels, geothermal energy, Canadian wells, etc...). It is also compatible with other forms of HOLEDECK air thermal activation.

Plug deck

More sustainable and efficient facilities

HOLEDECK is compatible with conventional installation systems, but also develops your own specific solutions to achieve technological systems that are more efficient, more sustainable and easier to reconfigure and maintain.

On the one hand, adaptations and interfaces which allow a simpler and faster fixation of the systems manufactured by other companies are implemented.

On the other, specific products are designed that delve into the possibilities of the concept of facilities PLUGDECK: easy to install, easy to maintain, and with the highest standards of efficiency.

office plugdeck

Healthy, Economical, Versatile, Efficient

Plugdeck office seeks to provide workspaces with optimal, functional and flexible facilities. Using the least number of components, all of them being reconfigurable and recordable. Although conventional installations can be used, our system has the following advantages:

  • Reduction of economic, material and CO2 consumption.
  • Elimination of false ceilings.
  • Fully accessible and registrable. Easy reconfiguration and maintenance during the useful life of the building.
  • Healthy, because it prevents the accumulation of dust and bacteria, fully cleanable.
  • Optimization of energy consumption in air conditioning and lighting based on individual needs.

Set of elements that are 100% accessible, registrable and reconfigurable by the user according to needs.

  1. Mesh cable tray.
  2. LED luminaire anchored to the tray.
  3. Electrical standpipe and/or data.
  4. Box of electrical mechanisms.
  5. Reconfigurable ventilation duct.
  6. Compact cooling and ventilation cassette.

household plugdeck

The cost of energy and CO2 emissions from buildings is estimated at 20% of the total energy consumed worldwide.

This situation has led international organizations such as the EU to establish very demanding standards regarding building energy consumption such as the NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building), which provides for it to be mandatory in the construction of almost zero-energy buildings by 2020. (very similar to the Passivhaus standard).

In this sense, the benefits of HOLEDECK in aspects of thermal inertia, both as a possible thermal radiator or as an air distribution element, allow the development of energy behavior solutions aimed at improving the global indicator for buildings.

Heat recovery ventilation

Heat recovery ventilation is becoming a reality in residential buildings. In addition to the energy savings it entails, it also provides a reduction of allergies and other respiratory problems indoors. Thanks to its air filters and humidity controls. The system consists of two networks: one for supplying clean air in the living and sleeping areas, and another for extracting stale air in bathrooms and kitchens. With the slab system for homes (reduced edge of 35 cm), the installation would be completely embedded in the edge of the floor, both the ducts (16 cm maximum diameter) and the heat recovery unit.

HOLEDECK offers numerous advantages, not only in terms of volume reduction and construction elements during the construction phase, but throughout the building's entire useful life. In the energy adaptation process, HOLEDECK includes an advisory service on the thermal envelope of the building.

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