Sustainable structures
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Sustainable structures

In search of sustainable, optimal and flexible structures that satisfy the structural, energetic and aesthetic requirements of the users, HOLEDECK develops solutions with requirements and morphologies adapted to unique and large projects.

H-FLAT: sustainable, fast and quality. This system is designed for perforation-free designs while retaining all the advantages of sustainability, geometric optimization, speed of assembly and quality of finishes of the H-ONE.

It is a mechanical system: As a mechanical system like the entire Holedeck systems' range, it is made of high quality ABS parts, a 100% recyclable material. Moreover, all good used molds are reusable for 50 times.

This system was first used in the construction of the Méndez Álvaro campus. Its application made possible to speed up time execution and drastically reduce concrete and steel's consumption, not only in the slabs, but in the entire structure of the building due to the considerable weight reduction.


All your possibilities

HOLEDECK H-FLAT is designed for those buildings with special requirements in their structures with designs without perforations.

The system is made up of the same base and side pieces as the H-ONE. In addition, it has all the system's advantages, except those derived from perforations. The HOLEDECK H-FLAT system has the following advantages:

  • The most efficient structural scheme possible, in terms of material.
  • 100% compatibility with post-stressed solutions.
  • Quick and easy fitting assembly No nails, screws or other connecting elements.
  • Easy handling, with light pieces that do not exceed 4,5 kg, so they can be easily handled by the operators during the stripping process.
  • Materials of high service life and resistance to impact (ABS).
  • 100% recyclable materials.
  • Excellent visible finishes with smooth edges.

The standard system measurements are 20 and 25 cm of rib width, and 20, 25, 30, 45 and 68 of edge or drop. If a special measurement is needed, our technical team can design a customized solution for the project.


Although the system H-FLAT does not have perforations, the absence of inter-beam elements (such as polystyrene blocks, vaults...), allows the reduction of the total depth (slab + installations), taking advantage of the space between ribs for their crossing or layout.

This space between ribs is compatible with the distribution of air conditioning and allows large-sized elements to be placed there; such as fan-coils, heat recoverers, among others.


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