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The most sustainable concrete structure in the world


The structure HOLEDECK unidirectional H-ONE is a lightweight floor structural solution composed of perforated beams and in-situ slabs, which allows a more efficient use of concrete and steel and, as a patented feature, the integration of installations through the structure. H-ONE is the most efficient solution in terms of material use of all those developed so far by HOLEDECK. The spacing of the beams is variable and adaptable to the structural and architectural design as the HOLEDECK formwork is a "beam" formwork and not a "lightened" one. HOLEDECK H-ONE is configured according to the project needs; you can modify the width of the rib, height and size of the opening, as well as the distance between the ribs and the edge of the slab. It can be post-tensioned and dimensioned according to loads, spans, fire resistance, etc.



Optimal thickness against fire

2  Optimal slab between ribs

3  Optimal volume in the nerves






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H-ONE Systems

HOLEDECK supplies the molds and provides the necessary technical assistance to manufacture the lightweight structures on site.

H-ONE molds are made of high-strength ABS, so they are reusable for at least 2 years if treated correctly and, at the end of their useful life, the ABS can be recycled and reused to make new molds.

H-One molds are made up of several parts:

  • Base mold with insertion rails.
  • Open Side Window, for communicated molds.
  • Lateral auction, for edge solutions.
  • Handle Support
  • Clip piece
  • Lid encounter with beam

H-ONE Standard Products

The H-ONE system molds have standard heights of 30, 45 and 68cm (H-ONE standard products) and typical ribs of 20 and 25cm width, with a variable center to center distance. Nevertheless:

  • The ribs can be extended in width with different base pieces.
  • The center to center distance is variable and can be adjusted with the dimensions of the formwork boards that are arranged between the molds of the system.
  • The compression layer can vary in thickness depending on the center to center distance, the fire resistance requirements and the size of the aggregate.

H-ONE 30 + Compression layer

H-ONE 45 + Compression layer

H-ONE 68 + Compression layer


See assembly on site

assembly on site

The assembly of the pieces is progressive, interspersed with the installation of the reinforcements. Once the base molds are arranged, the lower reinforcements are assembled, then the open side molds (windows) and finally the upper reinforcements.

Continuous board formwork

Formwork two heights


Download the catalog of the technical properties of HOLEDECK H-ONE

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H-ONE Versatility

H-ONE systems host endless possibilities, such as prefabrication, use of prefabricated slabs or the use of CLT panels.

These systems are accompanied by the same advisory conditions regarding commissioning, maintenance, calculation and analysis of the structures. For more information fill out the contact form.

H-ONE prefab

The prefabricated system is similar in its implementation to other prefabricated ones based on double T. Holedeck supplies the necessary tools for the manufacturing process.

H-ONE with precast slabs

Further reducing execution time.

H-ONE with CLT boards

It further reduces the carbon footprint of the system, reducing concrete consumption by up to 60%. The advantages of wood and concrete in a single product. The CLT works as lost formwork, reducing the execution time and the volume of concrete.

HOLEDECK customize

In the search for sustainable, optimal and flexible structures that satisfy the structural, energetic and aesthetic requirements of the users, HOLEDECK develops solutions with requirements and morphologies adapted to unique and large projects.

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    H-ONE 30 + Compression layer

    The H-ONE 30 system is characterized by being the model with the smallest HOLEDECK edge, rib width 20cm. Offering an efficient system for more modest lights.

    The open side molds (windows) are 75cm long to create enough space for the optimal angle of the diagonal rib reinforcements.

    H-ONE 30 allows the passage of installations like the rest of HOLEDECK systems. The rib perforations are smaller due to the 30cm edge, but they are every 75cm (the models with the greatest edge are repeated every 100cm), allowing a greater number of installations per m2.

    This system allows very low concrete consumption due to the reduction in rib width to 20cm.

    H-ONE 45 + Compression layer

    H-ONE 45 is the model which the system was born with, adapted to medium/high light projects. Creating diaphanous spaces and a greater sensation of free height by leaving the structure visible.

    H-ONE 45 is available in 100cm long molds (bases and windows) allowing an optimal balance between assembly speed and handling of the molds by the operators. The molds do not exceed 5kg. 

    HOLEDECK systems are limited mainly by the fire resistance of the project, being able to configure the consumption of materials to a minimum based on said fire resistance.

    H-ONE 68 + Compression layer

    H-ONE 68 was developed for an architectural project by Battle i Roig, with structural definition by BIS Structures. It is the model with the greatest depth for large spans. The ribs have a width of 25cm making them very slender and efficient. The perforations are every 100 cm allowing the passage of large installations.

    H-ONE 68 is available in 100 cm long molds (bases and windows) allowing an optimal balance between assembly speed and handling of the molds by the operators. The molds do not exceed 6kg in weight.

    This configuration allows the use of the same base molds as in the other systems, being very efficient when different slab edges are used in the same project, saving different pieces for different edges.


    HOLEDECK Flat is designed for those buildings with special requirements in their structures with designs without perforations.

    The system is made up of the same base and side pieces as the H-ONE. In addition, it presents all the advantages of the system, except those derived from the perforations. The HOLEDECK FLAT system has the following advantages:

    • The most efficient structural scheme possible, in terms of material.
    • 100% compatibility with post-stressed solutions.
    • Quick and easy fitting assembly No nails, screws or other connecting elements.
    • Easy handling, with light pieces that do not exceed 4,5 kg, so they can be easily handled by the operators during the stripping process.
    • Materials of high service life and resistance to impact (ABS or aluminum).
    • 100% recyclable materials.
    • Excellent visible finishes with smooth edges.

    The standard measurements of the system are 20 and 25 cm wide rib, and 20, 30, 45 and 68 of edge or drop. If a special measure is required, our technical team can design a customized solution for the project.