Bidirectional system
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The evolution of reticulars

The HOLEDECK Ho-45 bidirectional system is lightened with perforations that due to their modulation are adapted to accept installations and elements specifically designed for standard modular ceilings. The system can be adapted to conventional geometries and modulations.

As it is a polypropylene (PP) meccano, a wide variety of configurations can be achieved starting from a limited number of pieces. It allows to reduce costs and the carbon footprint by up to 20%. All this with concrete, steel and conventional labor.

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HO-45 systems

HOLEDECK supplies the molds and provides the necessary technical assistance to manufacture the lightweight structures on site.

Ho-45 molds are made from high-strength polypropylene, so they are reusable for at least 2 years if treated correctly, and at the end of their useful life, the polypropylene can be recycled and the material reused to make new molds.

HO-45 molds are made up of several parts:

  • Base mold with insertion rails.
  • Main Mold (HO45) with insertion rails.
  • Closed Side Window (HWC250) for edge solutions.
  • Open Side Window (HW250) for communicated molds.
  • Upper cover piece (HC) to generate wrought lattice through upper opening.

HO-45 dimensions

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assembly on site

The assembly of the pieces is progressive, interspersed with the commissioning of the armed elements. Once the Molds are ready, the lower reinforcements are assembled, then the windows and finally the upper reinforcements. The assembly process is very similar to that of any lightened bidirectional forging of coffers, its calculation and consumption of steel being comparable.

On-site assembly of the HO-45


HOLEDECK caissons have a modulation compatible with the formwork systems available on the market, both mechanical and continuous table systems. Detailed compatibility studies have been carried out with systems from leading formwork suppliers. The process is similar to that of any formwork system for lightened bidirectional slabs with recoverable coffers.

In addition, systems have been developed to enable formwork and stripping cycles that are as short as possible. With these systems, the process of setting up and pouring the concrete is streamlined. These types of systems are especially requested for high-rise buildings. We are compatible with the main formwork systems on the market.

mechanical formwork

Continuous board formwork

Download the catalog of the technical properties of HOLEDECK HO-45

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HOLEDECK customize

In the search for sustainable, optimal and flexible structures that satisfy the structural, energetic and aesthetic requirements of the users, HOLEDECK develops solutions with requirements and morphologies adapted to unique and large projects.

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