Optimizing the structural configuration

HOLEDECK Zero is focused on defining and optimizing the most sustainable and economical solutions for each project. HOLEDECK Zero studies and defines the structural configuration, the materials to be used and the integration of the facilities with the aim of reducing emissions from the floor to zero.

The work methodology assumes a reduction of emissions through integrated solutions, and is specified according to the following strategies:

Optimization strategies

A holistic approach is proposed in order to optimize the advantages of sustainability and costs. In short, it is about doing more with less. The ideal collaboration to maximize the benefits should affect all aspects proposed, but the scope can be adapted depending on the circumstances and needs of each project.

  • Optimization in structural and architectural design parameters. Choice of optimal modulations and most appropriate shape coefficients. Structural solutions with emissions below 60-70 kgCo2/m2.
  • Height optimization through the HOLEDECK system.
  • Reduction of concrete and steel consumption thanks to the optimized HOLEDECK geometry.
  • Prescription of low-emission concrete and steel available on the market.
  • Possible elimination of construction elements, such as false ceilings and raised floors, to reduce costs and carbon footprint.
  • Prescription of more suitable façades according to the orientation and planned uses, to reduce the energy demand of the building (similar criteria as Passivhaus).
  • Prescription of Plugdeck-type systems (Plug and Play installations) that are easy to maintain and reconfigure.
  • Energy optimization of lighting installations.
  • Use of heat recovery systems with low consumption energy supply systems (HOLEDECK active, aerothermal or geothermal).
  • Possibility of zero energy consumption of the building with the implementation of solar panels such as other alternatives.


Through the team of engineers, technicians and experts in sustainable design with whom we regularly collaborate, we are able to offer the most optimal and personalized solutions for each project.

With Promoter ->

A comparison of costs and emissions of the base project is established. We are committed to obtain significant economic and emission savings.

With Designers ->

Based on the volumetric and design conditions of the building, the most efficient and sustainable structure and facilities are established.

With Builders ->

From the starting project, possible economic improvements and reduction of carbon emissions are proposed.

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