Efficient Buildings


Holedeck can increase the building area and reduce costs.

Sustainability and eco-efficiency must pay special attention to the performance of material, personal and economic resources consumed by the building during both its construction and usage stage.



The costs of construction, maintenance and conditioning of the buildings increase every day, resulting from the necessity of skilled labour, materials and technological equipment.

Holedeck is a solution that does not require skilled labour during the building's construction, allows for the maintenance works to be done by the regular staff and achieves significant savings on materials.


Increased building area

Holedeck can save 20 and 50 cm per floor, which means obtaining an extra floor for each 5 built. This is achieved by maintaining the same height clearance and by the integration of structures and facilities, which are fully accessible for installation and replacement.


Construction savings

-Savings in the volume of concrete used by the slab, resulting in a reduction of the structure's weight, and support elements; pillars, walls, and foundations.

-Reduction in the amount of steel needed.

-With Holedeck, budget items can be eliminated, such as for false ceiling and / or technical floor , since they are not necessary for the channeling of facilities, or to meet acoustical, heat or fire resistance reference standards. Also, since instalations can be supported on the deck's ribs, there is no need for auxiliary elements.

-Savings on facades and interior walls, , resulting from the reduction of the total plant height.

Return on investment

Purchasing the moulds involves an initial investment that pays for itself in the short term as these are reusable several times. Its use imply all the savings mentioned above, and at the end of their life cycle, the moulds are fully recyclable, for which, by its sale, a part of the investment is recovered.

Sustainable building certification

Sustainability certifications (passive house, LEED, BREEAM, EnVerde, among other) are assessments that guarantee the user that their buildings' have been built according to high standards of quality and efficiency. In these, various parameters are considered, such as constructive elements, location, passive strategies, etc.

Our system complies with these accreditations as it addresses several of the parameters considered, allowing for thermal bridge breakages, the use thermal inertia in efficient air conditioning systems, material savings and a reduction of emissions.



It is estimated that the energy consumption during the construction stage equals 20 % of that spent during its entire lifecycle. In order to save time and reduce costs, it is important to do so during the design and construction process, as well as as during its lifecycle.

Reduction of the building's energy consumption

Energy consumption associated with the conditioning of the spaces, is a high cost, in percentual terms, of the expenses of the building.

HOLEDECK, by reducing the total volume of the building, also reduces the volume of the space to be conditioned, which implies energy costs savings throughout the life of the building. In addition, it is fully compatible with efficient conditioning systems that use thermal inertia, either by water (radiating floor) or air (free cooling).

Registrability of facilities

Channeling facilities within the slab allows for them to be accessible, thus achieving savings in registration costs for maintenance or replacement. In addition, our philosophy promotes facilities which are of quick assembly and easy reconfiguration.

Healthy architecture

A recurring problem in modern conditioning systems is that they induce the appearance of the Sick Building Syndrome. This syndrome can occur by the accumulation of dust or other substances within the ducts and false ceilings, or by the occurrence of fungi or other bacteria, among other pathologies, due to moisture.

By eliminating false ceilings and granting total access to facilities, Holedeck facilitates the cleaning process and prevents the onset of diseases without complex specialized cleaning systems, protecting users' health.

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