Advantages of the holedeck system

Savings in the weight and height of the building

A lightweight and adaptable system

HOLEDECK saves more than 50% of concrete and steel, proportionally reducing the weight, cost and carbon emissions in the building structure.

The geometry and perforations of our structures make them the most efficient scheme possible, complying with all current regulations. It competes with steel in its own weight and has excellent behavior against horizontal forces.

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The structure that saves height

HOLEDECK is characterized by having perforations that allow the installations to be integrated inside, as well as providing lightness and saving material.

By integrating the facilities into the structure, false ceilings are eliminated, which saves height on each floor, being able to obtain an average of 1 extra floor for every 5 floors built.

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A structure that takes care of the building and the planet

The most sustainable concrete structure

The reduction in height and weight of the building influence the reduction of emissions in enclosures, false ceilings, foundations and air conditioning. There is no structural system that saves more concrete and steel, coming to compete in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere with wood solutions.

In addition, HOLEDECK molds are reusable and recyclable. The HOLEDECK system facilitates LEED and BREEAM environmental certifications.

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The healthiest structure

Accessibility and registrability is complete to all building facilities (HVAC, wiring, pipes,...). In this way, the installations are easily removable, sanitizable and replaceable.

Thanks to the geometry of the perforations, the HOLEDECK system manages to absorb a wide range of the sound spectrum, avoiding acoustic reverberation.

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More sustainable and versatile facilities

Holledeck facilitates the thermal activation of the building, which allows reducing energy consumption and increasing comfort.

With this objective we have developed Plugdeck, a series of plug and play installations that allow maximum flexibility and economy in installations.

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Efficiency in the design and construction process

Flexible solutions to meet all your requirements

The system is applicable to conventional houses and projects with large spans. Our solutions are versatile and allow the construction of slabs with spans between 6 and 22 meters.

In addition, a wide variety of finishes is offered: exposed or with false ceilings, conventional or post-tensioned reinforcement, unidirectional (H-ONE) or bidirectional (H-45) slabs, etc.

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Quick construction process with standard materials and technologies

Our molds are shipped worldwide and can be assembled quickly. HOLEDECK is executed with concrete, steel and conventional labor, achieving excellent finishes.

We use a quick clip-on assembly system with Poka-Yoke methodology that is error-proof. The H-ONE's pre-assembled trusses speed up the assembly process.

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