Recoverable casings for lightened concrete slabs.


Save up to 20% of total construction costs!

Holedeck develops and distributes a reusable castable systems to execute bidirectional or ribbed slabs with perforations that allow the passage of installations through the slab. This approach integrates structure and facilities, having many implications from the point of view of saving and sustainability.


  • Reduces the consumption of concrete.
  • Reduces the building's height.
  • Saves up to 50 cm in façades per floor.
  • Saves in building elements.
  • Allows registrability of services.


  • Reduces energy consumption costs.
  • Increases the building's life cycle.
  • Reusable and 100% recyclable polypropylene molds.
  • Decreases the building's carbon footprint.
  • System with thermal inertia.

Structures adapted to specific technical and functional needs.

Which facilitate the distribution and maintenance of buildings.



  • 100% recyclable polypropylene.
  • Reusable.
  • Stackable, easy to transport.
  • Simplified assembly by stages.
  • Compatible with conventional formwork, metal formwork and meccano type formwork systems.