“ (…)HOLEDECK appears to be particularly suitable for light weight long-span floors or where
architects and engineers are interested in making better use of the thermal mass of a
concrete coffer slab. (…).”
 David Scott
Director, Engineering Excellence Group, Laing O’Rourke


“Probably the most sustainable concrete structure in the world “
Structural Concrete Magazine- March 2014


“(…)The Holedeck brings together in a simple formwork system, sustainability, material
savings and structural efficiency demanded by society.Facing the new paradigm: making the
planet a better place; Holedeck cooperates making lightweight and activable structures.”   
Juan Carlos Arroyo Portero
Civil Engineer, Doctor of Architecture and Author of «Números Gordos en estructuturas»


“(…)Its operating principle is the one desired by most structural teams: Maximizing structural
inertia by keeping installation systems within the structural system by piercing the structural
nerves where material is least needed. This has two consequences: reducing the amount of
concrete and the amount of steel.
From this intelligent bet, many types of systems are defined to supply multiple typologies of
use and of buildings. In high-rise buildings, moreover, savings are transferred to other key
elements such as facades and foundations (…)”
Xavier Aguiló i Aran
UK Manager. Partner BAC engineering and consultancy. MEng, MAMD AQPE, member EIC &
CTBUH & ACIES. AA school & UEM lecturer


“Holedeck is an outstanding structural solution for concrete slabs, technically efficient and
flexible, and architecturally singular and attractive.”
Alejandro Bernabeu
Director Bernabeu Ingenieros, Professor at the Architectural School (UPM)